Sharing specific files with ruTorrent (Non- Torrent)


May 18, 2018
Sometimes you want to directly share a file with friends and family without the headache of passing out your usernames, etc.
One of the limitations of ruTorrent is that you can only share a file (not a directory). And you can only share it for 12 hours.

Step 1. With ruTorrent running, Pick a file to share (If there are multiple files - create an archive of them Archive - How to )

Step 2. Using the Filemanager tab, navigate to the desired file. Right click the file to pop up a menu box. Select "Share"

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Step 3. The File Share tool will pop up allowing you to verify the file you selected, set a time limit for sharing (1 hour - 12 hours) and select a password if desired. Click "Add" when done.

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Step 4. Click on the fileshare Tab and select the file you just added. Right click for the Menu pop up, and select "Edit" **I've found that the copy link rarely seems to work***

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Step 5. **Without Changing anything** Double click on the link that shows up and use the Copy/Paste function of your computer to send the link to your friends. Close the dialog box when done.
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