My Automation Setup


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Jul 4, 2018
Just in case someone is interested or has some better suggestions I thought I would let you know how I handle my automation.
It uses a bunch of different apps and it's not perfect so any suggestions are welcome.
Apps I use:
CouchPotato x2

Not sure the best order to explain this so...

Syncthing is set up as an App and on my local PC
- on the seedbox I have a folder called Sync and inside 2 more folders TV and Movies
- this folder gets synced to the local PC

For TV Episodes
In ruTorrent I use the unpack plugin to unpack any thing with a label of TV to the Sync folder with the append Label to Path checked. This will set up any TV show to be downloaded.

Sonarr is install on my local PC - This allows it to see all my existing shows and report what it missing correctly. It has 2 Download clients setup. 1 is rTorrent that connect directly to the seedbox and autolabels as TV. The second download client is a Torrent Black box. The Torrent folder can be any where as it isn't really used. The watch folder is the Syncthing \ TV folder. So what happens is, Sonarr will find the new episode and sent to the rTorrent client which is the seedbox to start the torrent, but because my local PC can't see the seedbox it can't do anything with it once the torrent is done. So the unpack plugin will unpack to the Sync folder, it will the get copied down to my local PC. Now the BlackBox downloader will see newly downloaded file and process it.

Yay. The only flaw I have right now is that not all of the episodes are packed, so if they are not I need to manually move it to the sync folder...

I have CouchPotato installed on the seedbox as an App. Configure it however you want to download your stuffs. In the Renamer section I have it watch the dowload folder and rename it to the sync folder. The benefit of this is that it unpacks and renames the movie so you don't need to worry about coping any unneeded things to your local PC.
I then have another copy of CouchPotato running on my local PC just for the Renamer part to move it from the sync folder to the correct location on my local PC.

Because SyncThing works in both directions once with Sonarr or CouchPotato move the files from the sync folder to the correct place on my local PC, Syncthing will see the files have been deleted locally and delete them from the seedbox also. So torrents are not interrupted because I basically create another copy and since syncthing deletes the extra copies once everything is donwloaded I don't waste space on the seedbox.

I know my process is pretty convoluted as this has come from playing around as I have changed seedboxes with different apps etc. but it seems to work OK for me.
Any suggestions I am all ears :)
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