FileZilla File Transfer method.


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May 17, 2018
In this tutorial, I am going to explain to you how you can use FileZilla a free tool to transfer your files from your seedbox to your PC.

Some of you might be thinking oh feck now that the torrent is complete now, well the thing is when you downloaded the torrent on rutorrent it downloaded the files on the server this is actually a good thing because none of the torrenting activity happened on your device. This saves you from constant monitoring from your ISP and now you can transfer the downloaded content from seedbox server to your pc with SFTP(secure file transfer protocols) encryption. Your ISP will be only looking at some random encrypted data when you are downloading the files just in case you are wondering.

Without further adieu .. let's get started with setting up FileZilla with your seedbox.

First things first get Filezilla it is free and effective (The updates they constantly provide are annoying buy good in a way for a free software ). To download FileZilla go to website and download the free client version ( it is more than enough for our work.
filezilla download client version.png

Once you have downloaded the client version run the setup, most of the default settings during installation is completely fine if you want to make some any custom changes its completely fine and will not affect our process( feel free to decline any additional apps they are promoting during setup)

Once the installation is complete fire up FileZilla , the interface should look like the image below :

Filezilla basic interface for seedbox.png

To login to our seedbox server, we need 4 credentials from our client area Hostname Username Password Port

ftp details for seedbox.png

Copy and paste this credentials in your FileZilla in their respective tabs, for me it would look something like this(please fill in your own credentials :)

settting up seedbox credentials in filezilla.png

Once connected the system will show your seedbox folder in the bottom right box of FileZilla

seedbox file structure.png

By default, you can find your downloaded content in folder downloads/manual unless you make different settings in rutorrent.
finding downlaoded content in your filezilla.png

On the left side of the seedbox file explorer is your PC/Laptop file structure explorer. I have SSD on C drive so I generally download my content in my d: /downloads. Based on your setup you can browse to a folder that is favourable to you.
fileexplore on pc for downloading from seedbox.png

Once you have set the left panel to the folder you want to download you can right click on the seedbox data that you want to transfer, once the download is complete it will show up on the directory you have selected in your file explorer.

Transfering files from seedbox to your directory.png

As simple as that :) it's like transferring files from another pc to your pc,

Further tips:

1. Setting up your FTP profile for easy access

If you are on your home pc or personal pc you can set up the profile within rutorrent so you don't have to keep on filling up the details each time

setting up filezilla seedbox profile step 1.png

Add a new site name it to something you can remember and fill in the details as shown in the screenshot below :

setting up filezilla seedbox profile step 2.png

Click okay and it will be saved, next time you want to log in you just have to select the profile and it will be connected :
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