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May 17, 2018
Guidelines to watching a movie in the drive-in channel.

If you're the person hosting the movie you must notify everyone that you're hosting the movie 1 hour before the before the movie starts.

Those whom are interested in watching a movie must say so within 30 minutes from time of notfying.
You must provide a link to the movie either on your box or on the torrent site you're on to that movie
you can at your own free will transfer the movie using btsync, the user interested must pm you, you then give them the key to transfer the file, this is at your own risk.
if you're providing them the link via a share link to your box make sure it has a password on teh file, the person that is interested in the movie must pm you requesting the password, it should expire within 1 hour.

Rules of Drive-in

If you are a non particpant you're not to talk during the movie
if in 30 minutes you do not have the file you can not attend unless of course it is a unanimous decision by all participates to wait until you have the file.
There should always be a 10 minute break 1 hour into the movie, (Everyone pauses)
If you're cought talking during the movie and you're not a participate you will be asked to stop, if you do not you will be kicked from the server.


drive in is meant to be a fun experience, we all press play at the same time and we all pause at the same time for the break, you can use plex and really any type of file encode or group of the movie once the minutes and seconds of the movie are the exact same, then at the end you add your quotes to the quotes section on :)
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