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    Hi there

    thank you Drappi :)
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    Hi there

    I'm fightclub , started here a year ago helping out on the old dashboard, then we moved to discord, and now we have a site for a community! ^_^ I started off as a customer helpe dout and became staff on discord, proved i'm trust worthy, i have been helping the private torrent community for the...
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    Seedbox LFTP File Transfer method (most recommended)
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    Seedbox LFTP File Transfer method (most recommended)

    You will need to contact Namaran :)
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    Seedbox LFTP File Transfer method (most recommended)

    hey everyone, make sure you extract it, run it a few times, wait a few minutes to 30 minutes, it will work, its just a little glitchy :)
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    Drive-in Channel Join and watch a movie together

    Guidelines to watching a movie in the drive-in channel. If you're the person hosting the movie you must notify everyone that you're hosting the movie 1 hour before the before the movie starts. Those whom are interested in watching a movie must say so within 30 minutes from time of notfying...
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    Vote for a movie

    on the discord channel Labelle
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    Emby Guide

    First step you will need to install from your client are . go to the client are, click on apps, then scroll down to the disired app you want to install, in this instance we're going to install emby, make sure to tick SSl, then once installed click open. When you have installed emby, you will...
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    Sonarr guide

    Load up Sonarr from your client area once loaded click on settings Then click on Indexers Then click on The BIG PLUS SIGN Now you when you hit the next page click on Torznab Name It anything you want at all, i'll name it a torrent site, you can name it ''clowns eat babies'' if you...
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    #Drive-in quotes

    Awesome! and i enjoy listening to die antwoord, great band, dont care what eanyone thinks haha
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    How to set up ZNC

    Enter in your username and password, both will be found in your client area, use the username and password provided for you that you use to log into your rtorrent webgui Once you're logged in you will see to the right hand side all of that fun stufff, click on your settings Then this...
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    #Drive-in quotes

    love it! heres mine "Listen! You smell something?" lmao!!! loved that line!!
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    #Drive-in quotes

    Posts the movie and the quote for the movie that was played :) best one gets a surprise :)
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    Welcome to the new forum :D

    Welcome to the new forum :D
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    How to use Jackett

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