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May 17, 2018
One of the easiest ways to add torrent from your tracker site is using the Chrome Remote torrent adder plugin, which is available free on chrome.

Please note that this tutorial is for chrome browser if you are using Firefox please check the other tutorials listed in Remote torrent adders section.

In order to install this plugin in your chrome browser, you need ot run the chrome browser in regular mode

A. Browse to this link in your browser :
B. Then press add to chrome

add remote torrent adder to your seedbox.png

Once the setup shows added to chrome you will have a plugin added to your chrome like this :

location of remote torrent addder in chrome.png

Now right click on it and then select option :

Remote torrent adder options.png

A new browser tab will open up, by default a primary server is set up to remove it by pressing the x button as indicated below and after you have done that press add a new server.

Adding new server to chrome remote torrent adder.png

The below popup will show up

server parameters for remote torrent adder.png

Once you click on add the following settings will show up. Select FTP details in your client area and ill in the details as follows

1. Hostname: Your hostname
2. Port: 443
3. Check the SSL ratio button
4. Username: Your rutorrent username
5. Password: Your rutorrent password
6. Relative path: rutorrent/


After you have made the settings just close the tab

Now browse to your torrent website and right click on the torrent tracker file download this option would show up
Using remote torrent adder chrome.png

It would show a notification torrent added successfully

Success torrent added successfully.png

You can check in your rutorrent the torrent will be loaded, It is recommended ot keep your rutorrent open in your chrome browser :

torrent loaded ot rutorrent.png

Pro tip:

In your remote torrent adder setting, you can enable link catching which would automatically load the torrent to rutorrent when you click the download link for any torrent website.

Automatically downlaod to remote.png

If you have any doubts please let us know.
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