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  1. Sid


    Hello sleepy2, I’m Sid ?. That’s a good thing with evo there’s boxes to suit all budgets whether you need big storage a small box or just have basic needs. Will have a look at those guides always good to learn something new.
  2. Sid

    Movie Review

    Life of the party 2018 Watched this over the weekend well the mrs wanted to watch it I didn’t have much choice lol. Anyway it wasn’t actually that funny not until that bird got a tennis ball batted in to her privates that was funny and then when she got punched in the boob that too was was lolz...
  3. Sid

    What's up!! Warm greetings from Thailand :)

    Hello Drappi. That’s a long intro lol. We all gotta start somewhere the good thing is you learned and was honest, honesty is important. Remind me not to invite you round for a swim lol. Good luck here ?
  4. Sid

    Hi there

    Hello fightclub. Well I never knew that. You’ve helped me out before and it was very much appreciated. I’d like to have a beer with you. Hello again again Drappi.
  5. Sid


    Hello Jayel. We all start somewhere ?. You’re right though there’s some good people here that are willing to help fellow members out. Hello Tim. Hi again drappi.
  6. Sid


    Hello Drappi. Didn’t know whether to give an introduction or not lol.
  7. Sid


    Hello I’m Sid ?.
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