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  1. tim

    Chrome Plugin for rutorrent Seedbox

    Use this plugin here : pretty easy to follow.
  2. tim

    Sudden dropouts (resilio)

    Did you try Syncthing?
  3. tim

    The Definitive Guide To Seedbox

    People nowadays are highly concerned regarding their privacy on the web when they download torrents. With giant organizations logging each online activity of yours and monitoring traffic, it is quite evident for individuals to worry about their online privacy. When combined with the right tools...
  4. tim

    Transdrone Setup

    Did you put any port number there?
  5. tim


    Welcome JAyel Glad to have you onboard :)
  6. tim

    Seedbox LFTP File Transfer method (most recommended)

    any .bat file in the list?
  7. tim

    #Drive-in quotes

    I liked the soundtrack: I know its Magic Its funny DIe Antwoord have used the track in their song Ugly boy
  8. tim

    Chrome Plugin for rutorrent Seedbox

    One of the easiest ways to add torrent from your tracker site is using the Chrome Remote torrent adder plugin, which is available free on chrome. Please note that this tutorial is for chrome browser if you are using Firefox please check the other tutorials listed in Remote torrent adders...
  9. tim

    Restarting Rutorrent on Seedbox

    Its ideal to never have to restart rutorrent on your seedbox, but like any application sometimes you might need to restart your rtorrent from your rutorrent interface to ensure that everything runs nice and shiny. Some general circumstances when you might need ot restart rutorrent: 1. torrents...
  10. tim

    Seedbox LFTP File Transfer method (most recommended)

    Yo wassup Evo users, today I am going ot show you how this revolutionary method of transferring files from seedbox to your pc is going to change your life. The method not only promises better sleep but also ensures that your Girlfriend / Boyfriend / Kids/wives remain happy especially when you...
  11. tim

    FileZilla File Transfer method.

    In this tutorial, I am going to explain to you how you can use FileZilla a free tool to transfer your files from your seedbox to your PC. Some of you might be thinking oh feck now that the torrent is complete now, well the thing is when you downloaded the torrent on rutorrent it downloaded the...
  12. tim

    Setting up irssi with rutorrent

    What is Autodl-Irssi? Autodl-Irssi is a plugin for web based torrent clients (such as rutorrent) which allows users to configure a bot to idle on the Torrentleech IRC server and automatically download torrents when they are announced. This allows users to grab releases as soon as they become...
  13. tim

    Basic Rutorrent guide

    I have added thanks for pointing it out.
  14. tim

    Basic Rutorrent guide

    In this tutorial, I will explain you basics of using Rutorrent. Topics covered will be : 1. What is rutorrent? 2. How to load up the rutorrent interface in evoseedbox? 3. Adding torrents to rutorrent 4. Removing torrents in rutorrent I have been using seedboxes for past 10 years, I have...
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