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    Sonarr guide

    Try using /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php That is what I am using for other remote torrent adding services.
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    I guess I should say hi also. Fairly new to having a seedbox, coming from a different one that was just to expensive for my minimal needs. Added a few guides that I needed that others might be interested in.
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    My Automation Setup

    Just in case someone is interested or has some better suggestions I thought I would let you know how I handle my automation. It uses a bunch of different apps and it's not perfect so any suggestions are welcome. Apps I use: CouchPotato x2 Sonarr Syncthing Not sure the best order to explain this...
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    Transdrone Setup

    Took me a little searching to get this setup so I thought that I would write it down here in case I forget, or someone else needs it. Click Add New Server >Add normal, custom server Name = What ever you want Server Type = rTorrent IP or host name User Name = *you know this*...
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    ooops just realized there is a different section for this.... moving
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