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    Plex Turorial

    This tutorial will guide you through Plex installation and basic configuration. It's pretty simple, just follow my steps! Part 1. Installation. Open your Client Area and go to the Apps tab: Find Plex application and press install. You'll see the popup: It is IMPORTANT - you must have a...
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    Installing the Sickrage TUTORIAL (under development)

    This tutorial will explain how to install and configure basic setup in Sickrage. Enter your Client Area and go to the Apps tab: Install the Sickrage as any other app. Just hit the install button: After installation finished the app will appear on main page of Client Area. Press open button...
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    OpenVPN App Tutorial

    We recently modified the way to get the openVPN config. Now it's available as an openVPN-AS application. This tutorial will explain you how to install and use it. In your Client Area you need to go to the Apps tab: There you need to find and install openVPN application as any other app...
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